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Deposit and Withdrawal are very easy with BTC Monk. Here are few methods to do transactions through BTCMonk

  1. How can you proceed with UPI Method of Bitcoin Transaction?

First of all send money to your linked bank account using UPI supporting app, for example, Bhin, Tez, Paytm etc.

Enter your registered mobile number for the process, if one doesn’t have any of this account then the system would not be able to process. Use IMPS option only to go into UPI reference number. Add UPI number and attach screenshot in-app from UPI deposit.

  1. Normal Transfer

This is very basic BTC MONK regular bank accounts. Rates are managed manually and so take time. The deposit under this method takes time to reflect in your app.

One can only make transactions from your registered bank account to any of our bank accounts mentioned.

After creating an Rs deposit order, you require making payment from your bank account to bank account via RTGS / NEFT or IMPS.

UPI transactions are also accepted by many banks only using any of the UPI supported the app. After making the reimbursement. One needs to stand up to the payment reference number in the correct arrangement and attach a screenshot of payment reference number from your bank statement. Attach a screenshot of transaction reference number is compulsory for IMPS payments. If not attached, transactions will not be processed.

Payment Gateway

One can proceed his transactions from within the app itself. Transactions are processed immediately. Payments have higher financial transactions charges. In remarks, please only enter your mobile number and do not comment anything else. Do check your app for buttressed banks in payment gateway selection.

Rs Withdrawals takes up to 3 working days to be processed.

Once you place a sell order, the transactions shall be endorsed to your INR account. You can keep the total in your Rs account to buy cryptocurrencies in future or pull out it to your bank account.

To withdraw your Rs balance to your bank account:

 First tap on ‘withdraw’ on the home screen. Then enter the amount you want to pull out from the app to your bank account. Check your recorded bank details and hit ‘ok’. Enter your 4-digit PIN to confirm the operation. The withdrawal process will be commenced and the amount will be sent to your registered bank account within 3 working days.

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